Mysuru zoo receives three African hunting cheetahs in South Africa | Mysuru News


The cats – 2 females, elderly 16 and 14 months and a single man, 15 years old journeyed from Johannesburg, South Af…Read

MYSURU: After journeying for 30 hours 26 hours in aircraft and four hours by road, three African hunting cheetahs from South Africa have obtained Mysuru zoo that’s trying its luck to strain the fastest land animal.
annually later zoo dropped its final surviving African searching Cheetah; it’s obtained three large cats from Ann Van Dyke Cheetah Centre, South Africa. Mysuru is the next zoo to home hunting cheetah in India. Hyderabad zoo includes a set of large cats.
The cats – 2 females, elderly 16 and 14 months and one man, 15 years old journeyed from Johannesburg, South Africa to Singapore and to Bengaluru in aircraft. ) Zoo police received the cats in KIA, Bengaluru and out there they attracted them late at the night on Monday.
zoo executive manager Ajit Kulkarni advised TOI that large cats are exhausted after long and exhausting journeys. Certainly enjoy every person, the large cats have been suffering from jet lag after a lengthy excursion of 30 hours. They’ve been isolated and could continue to remain in isolation under good care of the veterinary staff.
A committed keeper was appointed to look after the cats of its own wellness diet. Caretaker is not supposed to pay a visit to any creature enclosures as a precaution. Their behaviors are being tracked through CCTVs in Health block. Ajith Kulkarni, the IFS officer, as preventative measures are set up to care for them well. Likely they’d be in isolation until they become acclimatized to terms of environs here.
Mysuru zoo homes five species of cats such as Cheetah which might be likely to be placed on screen likely following a month. Mysuru zoo had assembled the very first of its type glass enclosure to keep serene atmosphere and ensure appropriate display to the general public, clarified the executive manager.


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