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Manjula, an MCC pourakarmika, disagrees with Union minister Hardeep S Puri through Swachh Survekshan award cere…Read

Mysuru: For the second year running, Periyapatna was adjudged the weakest among urban centers in South India (six countries ) using a population of less than 25,000 at the Swachh Survekshan poll.
Mysuru has been called the cleanest city one of people having a population of 3 to five 10 lakh. The officials and staff of Periyapatna Town Municipal Council and Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) are proud that their efforts are acknowledged by the central authorities.
Meanwhile, the two MCC pourakarmikas socialized with Union minister of state for housing and urban affairs Hardeep S Puri, that announced the Swachh Survekshan effects on webcast on Thursday. Along with lavishing praise on the 2 employees for their contribution towards maintaining Mysuru city tidy, the ministry asked if they had been deriving benefits under fundamental schemes like Ayushman Bharat and PM’s Jan Dhan Yojana initiatives.
Puri also congratulated MCC’s nodal officer for Swachh Survekshan and health officer Dr DG Nagaraj, because of his role in maintaining the legacy city clean.
Dr Nagaraj blamed Mysuru’s victory to active involvement from taxpayers, segregation of waste at source and decentralising group and treatment of garbage.
But, Mysuru fell two places in the overall ranks, slumping to fifth from last year’s third place. This past year, Navi Mumbai slotted in third, leaping four locations out of its previous year’s ranks.
Periyapatna overcome cities using a population of less than 25,000 in six nations — Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala — to successfully defend its summit.
Periyapatna TMC ecological engineer Prasanna AT blamed the civic agency’s achievement to door-to-door garbage collection and segregation of waste. He said about seven tonnes of waste was created in Periyapatna daily, normally.
MCC’s sanitary manager’s attempts lauded
Union minister Hardeep S Puri on Thursday lauded the efforts of MCC sanitary manager Nanjundaswamy M because of his real zeal towards keeping the town clean. Nanjundaswamy thanked the ministry for expanding financial and medical aid to pourakarmikas, which he said helped inspire them to reestablish their attempts.
On learning that Nanjundaswamy had contracted Covid-19, and had declared his responsibilities immediately after being discharged, Puri voiced his appreciation with applause, much to the former’s glee.
Nanjundaswamy advised TOI that he was likely to have contracted Covid-19 while functioning in a containment zone at Gandhi Nagar. Manjula, a pourakarmika, who collaborated with the marriage minister, expressed her gratitude to the Centre for its a variety of welfare schemes.


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