Mandya conflict: Ex-MLA shot in procession after obtaining bail | Mysuru News


Mandya: Former Congress MLA Rameshbabu, who had been detained on Thursday for attacking the driver of an earthmover through an encroachment push at Arakere at Srirangapatna, was released on conditional bail on Friday. He and his assistants turned the occasion into a grand party, throwing Covid guidelines to end, thereby fueling public anger. Shockingly, although the parties happened right in the front of the police station, cops remained mute spectators.
Rameshbabu was detained by Arakere authorities when he and his supporters tried to prevent a drive from the PWD officials and police employees to raze illegal structures from the village through road extending. The situation turned stressed after Rameshbabu assaulted the driver of their JCB automobile and attacked him. He had been arrested and produced before the additional district judge.
But, Rameshbabu was granted conditional bail on Friday. After hearing that he’d be published, a large number of his relatives assembled in the front of the police station, unmindful of Covid protocol. Not one of them wore masks. The former MLA was shot outside in a procession by his own fans that did not care a hoot about social distancing, even as the police employees, who must have spread the audience and taken swift action against individuals who had been violating Covid guidelines, softly watched the procession.
When contested, a senior police officer stated he would look for a report by local authorities regarding the supposed breach of Covid-19 standards and check visual evidences prior to beginning any action.


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