Cooperate, else we’ll utilize police force, Simha informs people of NR section | Mysuru News


Mysuru: A day following the Mysuru district in-charge ministry comprised a task force to track the transmission of this novel coronavirus from the four assembly segments in the Heritage City, Mysuru MP Pratap Simha — thanks to Narasimharaja (NR) constituency MLA Tanveer Sait’s ill-health, the MP was asked to go to the group from the section — on Monday warned the inhabitants of NR section they would be inviting police activity if they refused to collaborate with all the government agencies in tackling the outbreak.
Sima on Monday visited various hospitals which were empanelled to get Covid-19 responsibility in NR constituency. Caution miscreants against indulging in misinformation attempts, the MP stated,”We’re accountable for the security of all and one. Each of the people in the constituency have to come forward to be examined. If you attempt to safeguard others, there’ll be a explosion in the amount of instances. Spiritual leaders are taken in confidence, and personal hospitals are on board with our strategy.”
Simha stated he had appealed to the state authorities to expand free treatment for many Covid-19 sufferers, such as those undergoing therapy in private hospitals. The MP opined that stretching the lockdown could make little difference. “What we will need to do is alter our health care system,” he explained.
Meanwhile, the Mysuru district health officer Dr R Venkatesh stated that as many as 20 teams were set up to pay NR section, and evaluation as many individuals as you can. “The teams are supplied with antigen testing equipments. We’ve analyzed 137 individuals using the kits so much and 30 have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Individuals must exercise extreme caution. We’re optimistic of the cooperation in our attempts to arrest the spread of this disease,” Dr Venkatesh said.


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