Back in Chamarajanagar, over 100 Covid Warriors infected | Mysuru News


Chamarajanagar: It isn’t only cops, but an increasing number of government employees that constitute the frontline of Karnataka’s defence against the pandemic — physicians, nurses, and paramedical personnel, ASHA employees, pourakarmikas — are still testing positive for the novel coronavirus throughout the state. Back in Chamarajanagar, the amount of Covid-19 warriors who’ve contracted the disease has violated the 100 markers — 109, to be exact according to Sunday.
Although over half of those frontline warriors have recovered, and have, in actuality, declared their responsibilities, others are still undergoing therapy, though a cop attached into the Kuderu police station at the district has succumbed to the disease.
Though Chamarajanagar, counted one of the nation’s backward districts, has performed commendably well in containing the pandemic and boasts an impressive healing speed — 65percent — the variety of people pressed into Covid-19 responsibility testing positive for the novel coronavirus remains a cause for concern. Taking cognisance of the plight, the district government has established a dedicated centre for treating Covid-19 warriors in the Government Engineering College. A 50-bed isolation ward with crucial life support gear was arranged in the school to ensure the rapid retrieval of this Covid-19 warriors.
A cop in the Rampur police station, who recovered in the pandemic and is back to his responsibilities, is quite sanguine about the odds of recovery. He enjoined to the public to take extreme care of these, and take all of the medications prescribed by the physicians.
Social activist Mangala Somashekhar called on the authorities and the people to share their admiration for its Covid-19 warriors, that, besides staking their own life on the line of duty, were in a constant state of fear about transmitting the disease to their friends and nearest and dearest. “Their valuable services will need to be recognized by the authorities,” Mangala explained.
Chamarajanagar district health officer Dr MC Ravi reported that, over 60 of those Covid-19 warriors that were infected had regained. “By minding their responsibilities, they’ve delivered a very positive thought. We’ve taught Covid-19 warriors with diabetes along with other co-morbidities to take extra care. But in India, the mortality rate for Covid-19 is extremely low,” Dr Ravi told TOI.
He explained that the district government had felicitated those Covid-19 warriors who’d managed to overcome the disease, also returned to their individual channels. “They had been given a certificate and a memento in the event of Independence Day,” Dr Ravi added.


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