Maharashtra: 40,000 trees to be planted to help Raigad tribals by Deutsche Bank, Swades Foundation | Navi Mumbai News


NAVI MUMBAI: Deutsche Bank and Swades Foundation have announced that an initiative in which 40,000 fruit-bearing trees will be planted at the Raigad district of Maharashtra, influencing the lives of over 4,000 people living there.
The initiative marks 40 years old Deutsche Bank from the nation and four decades of a prosperous venture with Swades Foundation in helping change the lives of tribal and other indigent households in Raigad district. The trees, that will start bearing fruit in a few decades, are expected to make an yearly income of Rs 6 crore for those beneficiaries.
“Supporting small agriculture has a substantial effect on reducing rural poverty since it features the most direct path for people in rural areas to profit from labour and land — their main resources,” said Kaushik Shaparia, chief country officer, Deutsche Bank India. “We are convinced that our partnership with Swades Foundation will meaningfully change the lives of men and women in Raigad district,” he added.
“Deutsche Bank’s persistent efforts towards rural upliftment in India are notable and we are pleased to be a part of their shared vision to change and enable India in a grassroots level. Deutsche Bank continues to be one of our most important supporters in rural transformation in the previous four decades and we look forward to celebrating many more intriguing landmarks together,” stated Ronnie Screwvalafounder of Swades Foundation.
Deutsche Bank’s venture with Swades Foundation, currently in its fourth season, has affected the lives of 43,500 individuals from the Raigad district of Maharashtra so much and has included the bank’s workers devoting more than two,500 hours because April 2018. Through it is’In the Community’ programme,” Deutsche Bank has worked together with Swades Foundation to get the lives of more than 10,000 rural households, providing sustainable access to clean water from houses in addition to from the areas to market agri-based livelihoods. Greater accessibility to potable water has enhanced the quality of living over 1,000 households in the district and also the more judicious utilization of this source has attracted over 1,200 acres of additional farmland under irrigation, allowing for increased harvest rotation.
After the outbreak of this Covid-19 pandemic, Deutsche Bank and Swades Foundation have collectively spread over 11,000 supermarket store and daily staples kits in rural houses in Raigad because April. Back in Mumbai, the lender has also affirmed Swades Foundation in supplying nine ventilators and 14 oxygen concentrators to Dr R N Cooper Municipal General Hospital and HBT Trauma Care Hospital.


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