Bombay high court rejects pre-arrest bail plea of 2 jailers over inmate’s death | Mumbai News


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MUMBAI: Bombay high court on Wednesday denied pre-arrest bond to 2 prison officers booked for allegedly murdering a Sawantwadi prison inmate this past year.
An inmate of this Sindhudurg district jail, Rajesh Gaonkar had expired after an attack and the duo were created detained in February this year. The Sawantwadi authorities registered an FIR alleging that following the inmate was connected, he didn’t find necessary medical attention immediately.
Jail superintendent Yogesh Patil and Subedar Zilba Pandharmise who hunted pre-arrest bond promised the inmate an accused under the Maharashtra prohibition Act needed a case pending against him was lodged at the prison because last December.
Pandharmise had lodged an accidental death report of this captive but the police whilst probing said it had been a case of murder. The event of the prison officials had been that the inmate suffered”severe alohol withdrawal syndrome’ and had slid out of his bed and if taken to a hospital had been announced’brought dead’ and contended that if detained their service could possibly be in danger.
The prosecution stated the duo are detained”that the whole facts behind the death of the inmate won’t be discovered”
Justice Ajay Gadkari stated,”Postmortem notes Rajesh Gaonkar imply he endured in most 17 accidents including 6 injuries to his mind” and the Accreditation report states that accidents aren’t because of a collapse but by attack with a challenging tool.
Noting that Gaonkar had been in judicial custody orders of a magistrate, the HC stated,”It was incumbent upon the part of the prosecution Jail Officials to take essential attention of the prisoner.”
“The document clearly suggests that, contrary , according to the edition of this eye-witnesses although the applicants were aware of the truth , Rajesh Gaonkar was sick, they attacked him mercilessly for a few trifle motive and failed to take Rajesh Gaonkar for medical help immediately. Rajesh Gaonkar was declared brought dead by the doctors of that the Sub-District Hospital Sawantwadi on 20. 12. 2019 at roughly 11. 35am,” that the HC stated in its order rejecting their request anticipatory bail.
“It appears from the record that, another prison team has granted unanimous statements” since they’re under their jurisdiction. “The weapon or adhere utilized” in commission of this offense is yet to be retrieved and unless they’re completely interrogated the whole fact might not be discovered, stated the purchase.
“After taking under account the serious allegations from the candidates, gravity of their offence and their requirement of custodial interrogation, this court is of the opinion that the applicants aren’t eligible to be guarded by pre-arrest bail,” said the HC.


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