Ajit Pawar: Sanjay Raut provides clean chit to deputy CM Ajit Pawar on Shiv Sena defections | Mumbai News


Sanjay Raut

MUMBAI: A day later CM Uddhav Thackeray expressed his unhappiness within the NCP carrying five Shiv Sena corporators out of Parner to its fold, Sena MP Sanjay Raut stated that simply since the corporators had crossed over into the NCP at the presence of deputy CM Ajit Pawar, it didn’t imply Ajit Pawar was included ‘poaching’ them.
Raut’s clean chit to the deputy CM arrived on a day Ajit Pawar fulfilled CM Thackeray in the old mayor’s bungalow at Mumbai to talk about issues like DCP transfers, defection of Sena corporators and perspectives over the lockdown that have caused tensions between the Maha Vikas Aghadi allies.
Raut told mediapersons that although communicating inside the Maha Vikas Aghadi authorities is insufficient as a result of outbreak of this Covid-19 pandemic, there’s absolutely no miscommunication among the spouses. “There is not any bitterness between Sena and NCP about the Parner issue. This is a topic at the neighborhood level and should have been sorted out in the level. I believe that although Sena corporators were inducted from the NCP at the existence of Pawar, it doesn’t imply Ajit Pawar or (his son) Parth are included with the procedure,” he stated, adding,”Several things occur unintentionally, however they need to be discussed, such as the event of this Parner corporators.”
It emerged on Tuesday that Ajit Pawar’s son Parth had seen Parner at Ahmednagar district in the past week of June and had lunch in nearby NCP MLA Nilesh Lanke’s home. It had been Lanke who took the initiative of inducting the Sena corporators at NCP on July 3 at the presence of Ajit Pawar in Baramati. Lanke took the corporators into Baramati. It had been stated Parth Pawar had fulfilled party employees during his trip to Parner.
Lanke told TOI,”Parth was traveling along precisely the exact same path, so I phoned him and insisted he have lunch in my house since all restaurants were closed at the lockdown.” Lanke, nevertheless, denied that Parth had fulfilled party employees at Parner and stated Parth had had nothing to do with the induction of Sena corporators from the NCP.
Meanwhile, the sources said the five corporators have been in no mood to come back to the Sena.
In a different development, Raut has completed a meeting with NCP chief Sharad Pawar that is carried in Sena mouthpiece Saamna in 3 parts beginning Saturday. This could be a one of its type meeting of a political leader not belonging to Sena.


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