AAP employees protest against’inflated’ electricity bills across Maharashtra | Mumbai News


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MUMBAI: The Aam Aadmi Party organised a demonstration against hefty June energy bills in a variety of districts around Maharashtra on Friday and filed its memorandum to different tehsildars and collectors.
It’s also gathered 30,000 signatures offline and plans the next 1 lakh signatures on the internet through twitter and site effort.
AAP state secretary Dhananjay Shinde said that employees whined with exemptions, placards and have mandatory waiver of electricity invoices during Lockdown weeks for upto 200 unit intake. “This includes the inferior and middle class customers who’ve been severely hit because of the lockdown,” he pointed out.
The political party has additionally obtained response from many power customers on its recently established site’hisaabdo.in’ from where it will track all complaints to the ministry, said Reuben Mascarenhas by AAP.


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