Woken at 3am, ASHA employee drives pregnant woman to hospital at automobile | Mangaluru News


Udupi: . 15am on Thursday,” 53-year old Rajeevi Nayak, an ASHA employee and autodriver, received a frantic call from a pregnant girl, looking for the former’s aid to accomplish the hospital. Though Rajeevi was sound asleep after a tiring day’s work discharging her duties as a Covid-19 warrior, the idea of denying her caller failed to as much as cross her thoughts.
Rajeevi was comfortable with her own caller, Srilatha, with fulfilled her while carrying out her responsibilities as an ASHA employee. “Within my interactions with elderly ladies, I advise them to contact me at any given time of the day if they’re experiencing labor pain. Srilatha called me about 3am in the morning, and advised me that her pain was so acute. Though I told her I could set up an ambulance to take her to a local hospital, she promised she would travel by automobile. I reached her house without wasting any time, and we rushed her into the Koosamma Shambu Shetty Memorial Haji Abdullah Mother and Child Hospital, that can be 20kilometers from Srilatha’s house. About 12pm Thursday, she gave birth to a baby girl. The mom and daughter are doing well,” Rajeevi told TOI.
Rajeevi continues to be an autodriver for the previous two decades, during which time a lot of a pregnant girl has obtained a free ride inside her motor vehicle. Furthermore, she’s also a booth amount officer who participates, if her frantic schedule permits up, at the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.


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