Taxi owners not yet been compensated for pandemic duty | Mangaluru News


Mangaluru:” it’s a double whammy of sorts for cab owners at Dakshina Kannada. However to be fully paid for leasing their vehicles for the past general election, they are currently confronting a similar delay in charge for vehicles which the district government has hired for Covid-19 obligation. The majority of these vehicles which are currently on pandemic responsibility are idle through the day, and drivers find themselves at the mercy of philanthropists as well as the government for meals.
The district government, throughout the Dakshina Kannada Taximen’s and Maxicab Association, has requisitioned about 150 vehicles for use by the authorities and health departments in the existence of secretary, regional transportation authority. “We’re yet to get payment for services rendered thus much,” said Dinesh Kumpala M, president of this institution. “Repeated representation into the district government in this respect have gone unheeded,” he lamented.
The cab and maxicab owners are facing a challenging situation because of delay in payments,” he explained. “We’re duty bound to pay the motorists, but how do we do this, if we don’t get paid at the first location?” wondered Dinesh. Considering these vehicles were requisitioned and therefore are needed to be there around the clockas the police will need to sail at short notice, the drivers can’t even shoot smaller excursions that may bring them some cash, he said.
Another worrisome development is repeated insistence within financiers seeking repayment of instalments from the vehicles, together with the danger of repossessing the vehicle in the event of default, he explained. The state authorities must extend the insurance and tax vacation for all these vehicles for six months, provided the current condition throughout the state, Dinesh said. The spike in cost of gas and gas in the previous fortnight is the proverbial final straw which may break the camel’s back, ” he explained.
Deputy commissioner Sindhu B Rupesh explained that the district government is confronted with a pile of invoices, and all these are being eliminated as a matter of routine. “We’re conscious of their situation and will try to clear the invoices on settlement,” she explained.


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