Rationalist cautions against Jan Aushadi personnel for flouting mask ruler | Mangaluru News


Mangaluru: Rationalist Narendra Nayak has generated a complaint from the employees in the Padhan Mantri Jana Aushadi Kendra‘s socket at the Temple Square from town for flouting mask law .
Nayak has complained to the helper medication control against the team in the PMJAK. “This is to bring to your kind attention which I seen PMJAK at about 3. 30pm September 14 and discovered two staff members without masks. When I asked them, they said,’As long as you’re wearing the mask it’s fine and we want not wear it’ In the event the chemists and druggists stores can’t stick to the rules what’s the purpose of enabling people to use masks, follow private distancing and use hand sanitizer? Not one of those protocols were followed . Action must be taken to make these people today follow the principles to protect against the spread of Covid-19,” Nayak wrote in his criticism.
“While the Prime Minister preaches to the state about wearing maskswe have a health store owned by the authorities and named following the article of this PM, but blatantly ignoring the precautionary steps should be taken to reduce spread of Covid-19,” Nayak said.


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