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This FB article by Govindaraju B , associate professor, department of sociology, Mangalore University, watched him r.. . Read

Mangaluru: A Facebook article on Teachers’ Day has set Govindaraju B , associate professor at the post-graduate section of sociology, Mangalore University, on the mat. Govindaraju reported article,”I’m proud to become a teacher, since drawing very good wages without work” brought him the anger of the teaching community many of whom are affected the financial fallout of the outbreak.
Together with screenshots of this post heading viral and coming to the attention of the college police, vice-chancellor P S Yadapadithaya stepped and a memo was issued to Govindaraju on Tuesday. He has seven days to respond to the same, Yadapadithaya told TOI. “Govindaraju has voiced scripted sorrow for this particular post and deleted the very same,” that the VC said adding he’s already been served the memo in accordance with the service and run principles.
Yadapadithaya stated it’s even more important for teachers to become more sensitive to the demands of people and society around them, particularly in such times. “Many recognized the remark an insult to the teaching community generally,” Yadapadithaya stated, including that Govindaraju who knew that the import of his actions when the article went viral, met him in person and provided an unequivocal apology and assured to not replicate exactly the exact same in future.
The remark comes in a time when lecturers of unaided classes in schools and people on direction scales are taking heavy pay cuts due to inability of institutions to cover their wages because their source of income has dried up and fresh admissions also aren’t happening. Even minister for primary instruction Suresh Kumar had appealed to authorities teachers to make a finance and come to the help of teachers of aided and private colleges facing the exact same matter.


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