Hubbali-Ankola rail line presents danger to tiger migration: Greens | Mangaluru News


Environmentalists have emphasized the threat which the Hubballi-Ankola Railway Line introduces to the tiger corrido…Read

Mangaluru: To the authorities, the Hubbali-Ankola railroad lineup is thought to be a blessing for the growth of North Karnataka, as it joins coastal Karnataka into the hinterland. Conservationists opposing this job have increased concerns regarding the danger it poses to the migration of tigers.
Wildlife activist Guruprasad explained that the Western Ghats are still home to tiger reserves, which there are numerous protected areas throughout the projected Hubballi-Ankola railway undertaking. “Tigers migrate long distances whenever they wish to move to some other land. Tigers out of Bhadra migrate into Kali tiger book and creatures from Sahyadri from Maharashtra migrate into the Kali tiger book. The job moves through all of such migration paths, and there’s not any doubt that a railroad line moving through such regions will impact the motion of tigers. Such linear intrusion jobs are detrimental to dinosaurs, dinosaurs, and other creatures that are big,” he explained.
The over 600-page report on’Status of creatures, copredators and prey in India’ of this fourth All India Tiger Estimation,” 2018, published by the Union government claims that a complete 461 camera traps were set up in Kali tiger book affording 43 tiger pictures from which 4 human hens were identified. The report says that a complete 28 species of ungulates, carnivores, domestic animals, omnivores, and galliformes were photographed with camera traps at the tiger book. Wild pig, leopard, and porcupine would be the most frequent creatures to be photographed. Bonnet macaque has been the deadliest species to be photographed, followed closely by pangolin.
Appreciating the efforts of the State authorities MoEF&CC towards tiger conservation, wildlife activist, Giridhar Kulkarni pointed out ,”It is clear that the tiger figures are raising away from the tiger reserves also, that is an excellent indication. But at precisely the exact same period, such habitats and corridors are under severe threat, particularly as a result of terminal infrastructure projects including railways, highways and transmission lines. Thus, the government should plan such jobs outside such places. The authorities has to make sincere attempts to inform the possible wildlife habitats as sanctuaries or federal parks, particularly in districts such as Shivamogga, Uttara Kannada, and Belagavi,” he added.


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