Doctors worry need for early identification, wait for nod to begin plasma treatment | Mangaluru News


Mangaluru: Amid mounting Covid-19 instances from the coastal areas of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi, physicians are looking for viable alternatives to arrest its spread. In the Wenlock Hospital, physicians are awaiting approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to start plasma treatment for Covid-19 patients, together with 10 donors with agreed to donate plasmasaid in-charge district health officer Dr Ratnakar.
The officer pointed to the issues confronting the department of health and family welfare due to the stigma connected with Covid-19, which had led in many patients hoping to hide their symptoms. “If we begin treatment early, complications could be taken care of easily. Oftentimes, patients strategy physicians when they have trouble in breathing, and if we confessed them, we needed to change them instantly to the ICU,” Dr Ratnakar explained.
Stigma worsens situation
Dr Sandeep Samethadka Nayak, a doctor of internal medicine in California in the USA of America, stated that incidence of misconceptions regarding the pandemic was one of the reasons why several Covid-19 patients had been falling victim to quackery. Calling for concerted attempts to combat the stigma related to the pandemic, Dr Nayak said,”Once I had been practicing in Puttur, many patients might ask me to not disclose their disorders to other people. Such anxieties still remain one of the individuals, and one way to solve it would be to break down complex facts and theories into easy language and make them understand.”
Jimmy Xavier, a radio jockey with Radio Mirchi at Bengaluru, recently donated plasma to aid with the efforts against the pandemic. “Stigma remains a roadblock in the struggle against Covid-19. Individuals having the disease appear to labor under guilt of inconveniencing others. For most patients, the view of others seems to matter over their life,” Xavier said.
Dr Supriya Hegde Aroor, professor and psychologist at Father Muller Medical College Hospital, stated that it was anxiety that has been driving the civilization of ostracism. “Some individuals have begun to think along the lines of’Can I die alone due to Covid?’ ,’Can I be filled at a PPE and put to rest?’ This causes people not referring to the disease , also worsens the circumstance,” she explained.
Associate professor at the department of psychiatry, Yenepoya Medical College Dr Ravichandra Karkal pondered within the conflicting reaction of a huge part of the populace to reports Amitabh Bachchan contracting the virus, because of whose retrieval many people began praying, that stood in stark contrast to this callous position they adopted on understanding of a neighbor testing positive for the novel coronavirus. “Stigma produces a feeling of shame and the individual who has the disorder is dehumanised. We will need to also observe that a lot of men and women are afflicted by the disease. This was when the difficulty connected with tuberculosis, HIV and lots of mental health issues also,” Dr Karkal explained.


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