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Revenue ministry R Ashoka testimonials the preparedness of the Dakshina Kannada district management to handle n.. . Read

Mangaluru: Revenue ministry R Ashoka on Saturday led deputy commissioners throughout the country to change people residing in regions vulnerable or vulnerable to natural disasters such as flooding. “If individuals ignore official warnings and requests to do so, then they need to be evicted from their various areas even using force, if needed. Officials shouldn’t hide behind excuses that people didn’t heed to their own directive after disaster strikes,” he explained.
Referring to the wake of the household of main priest of Talacauvery, that refused to change despite being requested to do so, and therefore are currently feared buried because of a huge landslip, Ashoka who examined preparedness of those Dakshina Kannada (DK) district government to take care of natural disasters,” said these episodes bring a bad name to the authorities. “You’ve got provisions of this law to get individuals living in vulnerable regions to change. Use them if people don’t heed,” he explained.
“If people don’t agree to proceed, seek the support of the authorities to change them and reserve cases against people endangering their own lives,” Ashoka stated, adding,”We’re the government. Invoke relevant segments of the legislation to get people to honor and change them to aid shelters the government has set up” In addition, he cited examples of youths endangering their own lives by attempting to cross swollen rivers or carrying selfies in catastrophe prone regions, forcing police to expend labour due to their own rescue.
Condition’s disaster mgmt program place for GP level launching
Mangaluru: Revenue department, at a pilot project that has excited the Union authorities, will put up gram panchayat (GP) level crisis management committees (DMC). Each committee will have 10 associates — former or present GP allies or members — and officials busy in various villages the individual deputy commissioners will certify, will be trained in disaster management actions, and predicted to help the district administrations in times of demand.
Revenue Union R ) Ashoka stated this intiative is going to probably be rolled out in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. Noting that both coastal districts using their high unemployment rates and background of proactiveness in public governance problems are best for this pilot project, Ashoka said existence of these committees will assist various district administrations in preventing human catastrophe of the sort that dared at Talacauvery because of reluctance of household of the chief priest to change.


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