‘Water deficiency, traffic jam and narrow lanes postponed fire tenders’ | Ludhiana News


Ludhiana: The significant fire at a hosiery unit in Mahaveer Jain Colony at Sunder Nagar here maintained the fire-fighters on feet for the whole night on Monday and also for half Tuesday they stayed in the place to control the circumstance. The fire had started around 6. 40pm and the whole building was engulfed in flames quickly. The whole inventory and machines kept within the device was totally gutted. The fire officers maintained that deficit of water distribution from neighboring units, narrow lanes and hurry into the day retrieved them from hitting the spot.
According to information, the fire had started in about 6. 40pm and fire tender in Sunder Nagar was the first to get to the spot. But, there were heated discussions between fire-fighters and individuals present on the place as the latter attributed the fire brigade for not realizing the place in time. The men and women in area maintained there was unmarried fire tender in Sunder Nagar fire station and fire tenders coming from additional fire stations had been stuck in traffic jams. As a result of this delay the flame spread everywhere in the machine.
On the flip side, firemen claimed there were two fire tenders in Sunder Nagar fire channel but just 1 driver was accessible. The fire officers asked the mill owners and others whether they’d left any fire safety arrangements within their own components.
The sub fire officer Aatish Rai while providing more info, stated,”The fire was extreme and for a few hours we couldn’t enter the building because of smoke and heat. There was entrance from 1 side and a massive inventory of cotton and polyester material has been kept within the unit because of the fire spread quickly.” He explained they needed to split walls of this construction on the second floor to generate way for those fire-fighters to go into. Rai also claimed the flame was in cellar also and there was smoke all around.
Meanwhile, fire officer SN Sharma stated,”Over 150 fire tenders were utilized in dousing the fires in the mill and arrangement of water distribution was becoming difficult originally as there was no power in the region, however late at night once the distribution was resumed we stuffed water out of Sunder Nagar fire station” He explained fortunately nobody got hurt in the episode because according to owners of the mill they had closed the device about 6. 30pm and they came to understand more about the fire at the mill from acquaintances. Sharma, however, claimed that there was traffic jam roads in the evening once they’d abandoned the fire station to make it to the spot.


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