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CHANDIGARH: To compensate for restricted testing capability , Punjab has begun relying heavily on rapid antigen tests (RAT), a faster and affordable method of testing that’s not 100% true, for identifying individuals infected with coronavirus.
The talk of rapid antigen tests at the total number of individuals tested has come near the amount of standard reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests conducted daily. Regardless of that, a broad variation in the positivity rate in the the tests has already been detected.
Rapid antigen tests may give leads to 15-20 moments with precision of approximately 70 percent, using the potential for projecting more false negatives.
‘Not feasible to run RT-PCR evaluation on everybody’
Based on Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines, symptomatic individuals tested negative by RAT should be analyzed by RT-PCR to rule out disease. But, a positive evaluation is regarded as a true positive and shouldn’t be reconfirmed by RT-PCR test.
On September 8, 13,656 individuals were analyzed using quick kits of that 5. 90percent have been found to be infected while 9. 23percent of 15,918 individuals tested using RT-PCR system were found favorable. A day earlier, the end result of 11. 59% individuals from 11,002 analyzed using RT-PCR came out favorable . 43percent of 13,021 analyzed with quick kits were found favorable. In the same way, on September 6, the daily positivity rate of accelerated apparel was 9. 64percent from 6909 evaluations against 12. 94 percent, of 12,334 people analyzed with conventional tests discovered infected with the virus.
By 18 rapid antigen tests conducted on August 1, there’s been a manifold increase in the amount of these evaluations which attained the daily amount of 13,656 on September 8. The amount of RT-PCR evaluations went up — from 8,872 evaluations on August 1to 15,918 on September 8– throughout this period of time, but the increase wasn’t as important as in the event of rapid antigen tests. The collective joy rate of rapid antigen kits for this particular interval was 5. 59percent against 8.9percent of RT-PCR.
Dr KK Talwar, Punjab government’s advisor on health issues, said the screening of inhabitants to get timely detection of coronavirus-positive patients is crucial for containing the spread of this pandemic and it’s not feasible to test everybody utilizing the RT-PCR method since it takes huge infrastructure. Acknowledging the possibility of false negatives, Dr Talwar said that the people with symptoms that are discovered negative in quick evaluations are tested using RTPCR. “The rapid antigen testing kits are used in Punjab according to guidelines issued by that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), stated Dr Talwar.
The quick testing process, which was previously used just in the containment zones, is presently being utilized to test individuals throughout the state. The government recently allowed personal hospitals/clinics/labs to run RAT to get Covid-19 later empanelment with district health authorities.


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