‘No athletic practice sessions for today’ | Ludhiana News


Ludhiana: In light of the increasing quantity of Covid-19 instances from the district, Punjab sports division has taken the choice to never resume athletic exercise sessions in Guru Nanak Dev Stadium for the next couple of times and given strict instruction to local tutors to provide more attention on training sessions that are online.
You will find nearly 15 training centers in the district that have yet to be operational for the previous four weeks due to epidemic of Covid-19 from the nation and enforcement of lock across the country. After receiving education, Local sports division officials had held a meeting with local coaches and left them conscious about the most recent guidelines and requested them to keep their coaching sessions via electronic style.
District game officer Ravinder Singh stated according to the new schooling of higher government of state sports division, local coaches are focusing on training sessions that are online. As a preventative step, neighborhood sports officials Also Have taken the choice of not restarting the practice session in Guru Nanak Dev Stadium because many cases of covid-19 have already been reported from town in the Last Few times


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