Ludhiana: Excise and taxation officials suspend their attack from vigilance agency FIRs | Ludhiana News


Ever since today morning the officers such as inspectors, excise and taxation creation (ETO) and by additional…Read

LUDHIANA: Excise and Revenue officials of Ludhiana on Wednesday staged a demonstration against the vigilance agency (VB) and required cancellation of FIRs filed against their colleagues on charges of bribery and corruption.
The officials of division in whole Punjab have gone on indefinite strike from today (Wednesday) while they stayed off work on mass casual leave on Monday and Tuesday against state authorities not agreeing to their needs of moving the enquiry of VB instances to excise and taxation department.
Ever since today morning the officials such as inspectors, excise and taxation officer (ETO) and by different positions sat on earth of their division’s office in miniature secretariat and shouted trademarks of the motto and demanding justice for those officers reserved by VB.
Talking on the occasion the excise and taxation officials that desired to not be named said,”VB has enrolled FIR from our coworkers and detained a number of these with no concrete proof against them. Action from the situation has been taken within an unprecedented way in which the officers are being reserved only on basis of their discussions between two private people. Our officers are being handled in rather humiliating fashion and there’s huge fear amongst most of the officers of this section because of VB actions”
Based on data available with TOI, the discussions involving senior bureaucrats of both Punjab authorities and steering committee of this department officials that was formed following the VB instances have neglected since none of their requirement of excise and taxation officials was approved so far and they’ve been requested to go back to work.
“In late night creation an urgent meeting of many members of steering committee and confederation of excise and taxation officials occurred with Chief Secy Vini Mahajan, FCT A. Venu Prasad, also manager VB Punjab B.K. Uppal and it had been determined that from today onwards VB will take prior consent from FCT before beginning any query against any officer/ officer of Excise and Taxation department. Following this it was determined that excise and taxation officials will suspend the brute attack and its members will combine office tomorrow”


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