Act against builders for inferior work: Ashu into MC | Ludhiana News


Ludhiana: Punjab cabinet minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu on Saturday led the MC commissioner to take action against builders that aren’t working correctly resulting in the delay of evolution functions.
Ashu gave the orders following councillors out of Ludhiana west constituency held a meeting using MC commissioner Pardeep Sabharwal in his existence. The councillors briefed the commissioner concerning the issues within their respective wards and maintained that builders weren’t working even after accepting payment in the body.
The councillors discussed the state of streets, street lights and other improvement functions in their wards.
Before, a demonstration was given to find alternative to the older garbage lying in Jainpur at which the sports park job was suggested under the Smart City Mission. The company that gave demonstration claimed they had ran the soil testing in the place and there was no requirement to lift old garbage in the website since it had been 15 years old and at this long length its impact decreases. However, the final choice is to be taken a week.
Ashu had suggested this sports park in Jainpur for all sorts of outdoor sports activities. However, the advisers of Smart City had projected they might need to lift the old crap in the website that will cost approximately Rs 20 crore. Last week, the ministry had taken two separate specialists at the website who were requested to submit their accounts in 15 days.
On Saturday, one particular pro gave the demonstration. The company has provided to establish the sport parks without raising old crap from the website except for a couple sports such as tennis or cricket.
Ashu stated they’ve seen the demonstration, but final decision will be taken per week.


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