2 arrested for shooting in atmosphere out dhaba | Ludhiana News


Ludhiana: The aquatic authorities here on Sunday evening detained two persons for shooting in atmosphere out a popular eatery on Ludhiana-Jagraon street. The accused were identified as Abhijeet Singh and Gurdit Singh, both of Faridkot.
In his authorities criticism, 36-year old Gurpreet Singh Deepu of Agwar Jugran near chungi number 5 at Jagraon reported he was working as director at Raja Dhaba close Jagraon and about September 12 approximately 11. 25after both accused came into the money counter and asked for food. He added he signalled the duo to take a seat on a desk and then began waiting for their purchase.
The complainant further said that after a while among these came to him and advised him he and his buddy had to visit Faridkot early so would the arrangement was created early. He added that the duo sat in their desk and spoke to each other and afterwards meal that they arrived into money counter and after paying their invoice went outside.
Gurpreet Singh explained that after a while he heard the noise of gunshot in atmosphere and when he moved to see that he discovered lots of households in dread talking to each other. He added that the families advised them that duo were laughing at an improper manner and boasted in front of the others which they weren’t scared of anybody. He added that due to their intimidating method of talking folks felt threatened.
The director of this dhaba stated that after this they moved into their Polo automobile bearing a Haryana Registration number. He added that due to late nighthe got busy with his clients and on Sunday after completing while returning home in Jagraon he watched the exact same vehicle close to a resort towards Jagraon side.
The complainant stated it was the exact same car, wherein the accused had abandoned the dhaba following opening fire . He added that he immediately informed the authorities. On being advised, a police party from bus rack authorities article reached the place and began a probe into the situation. It afterwards booked the accused under Section 336 of this IPC.
In-charge bus rack authorities article SI Vinod Kumar explained that the duo was arrested from near the resort, where the automobile was parked. He added that seemingly the accused had fired over 1 bullet. The police officer stated that the weapon belonged to Gurdit also it turned out to be a licensed person.


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