Uttar Pradesh: 14-year old boy murdered in Gorakhpur, 24 hrs following ransom demand of Rs 1crore | Lucknow News


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GORAKHPUR: In still another instance of kidnapping, the entire body of a 14-year old who was supposedly kidnapped by his acquaintances for a ransom of Rs 1 crore was regained from Gorkahpur on Monday.
The cops were baffled by the ransom demand of Rs 1 crore as the household owned a grocery shop and weren’t able to pay a sum of Rs 1 crore.
Victim Baliram Gupta‘sbody has been retrieved by a drain and filled in a sofa nearby Kevatiya Tola, a bit away in the victim’s village around the identification of one of those detained accused-Dayanand Rajbhar. Four others also have been arrested in relation to the situation and are being interrogated.
Baliram was a resident of village jungle Chatradhari Tola Mishroliya at Piparich police channel who’d gone missing on Sunday.
His dad Mahajan Gupta, who owns a grocery shop had advised UP 112 about 3 pm which his son Baliram had gone Bangla crossing out of his store about 12pm but didn’t return.
“Approximately 3 pm, Mahajan Gupta received a call from an unidentified amount demanding a ransom of Rs crore and then advised the exact same to the authorities,” stated an STF officer.
Added superintendent of police, northwest, Gorakhpur, Arvind Pandey told colleagues that on the grounds of local and surveillance intelligence Rajbhar was initially arrested and after his identification figure of prey had been recovered.
“Mobile plus a few SIMs used from the said episode also have been retrieved and two other detained recognized as Rinku Gupta and Nikesh have been taken into custody by the police accountable for issuing the stated SIMs in bogus kind,” said Pandey. In addition, he stated that the research was underway.


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