UP scribe detained for sharing’indecent’ article on Ram temple | Lucknow News


Accused writer Prashant Kanojia

LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh Police has detained a journalist for allegedly sharing an objectionable social networking article on Ram temple, asserting that he did so forth directions of a Hindutva costume’s main, an official said on Wednesday.
Accused journalist Prashant Kanojia had been detained in June last year for supposedly making hurtful remarks against Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on social networking, but was granted bail on orders of the Supreme Court.
“Journalist Prashant Kanojia was detained from Delhi yesterday in connection with an indecent article,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Somen Barma stated on Wednesday.
The FIR against him was enrolled here in the Hazratganj police station on August 17 for supposedly sharing an”indecent” article on his Twitter manage and stating he did it on orders of Hindu Sena chief Sushil Tiwari, who denied the allegation.
The FIR registered on the criticism of sub-inspector Dinesh Kumar Shukla said,”On August 17, it had been seen that Prashant Kanojia during his Twitter manage (@Pjkanojia) had uploaded an abysmal article associated with Ram temple saying that it had been completed on requests of Tiwari.”
The article was uploaded to”malign Tiwari’s picture”, stated the sub-inspector in his criticism, including that”such articles can disturb peace”.
The case against Prashant Kanojia was lodged under different sections of Indian Penal Code, such as department 420, also people of Information Technology Act.
At a Facebook article on August 17, Sushil Tiwari had denied that he had anything to do with all the indecent article on the Ram temple.
He had claimed that he had been ‘Hindutva’ rather than with’fake articles’.


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