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AGRA: Almost a month later Agra authorities detained six, including two girls, for being part of a group who had been allegedly engaged in prohibited surrogacy for overseas federal partners, the analysis has zeroed in on a IVF professional of Karnataka, who had been allegedly working for at least a decade in a private hospital headquartered in arrival and neonatal care at Greater Kailash, New Delhi.
Article December 2018 after commercial surrogacy became prohibited, forbidding foreign national couples to elect for surrogate kid in India, the accused physician identified as Dr Vishnu Kant abandoned Delhi hospital and started his own practice in Nepal.
According to authorities, the physician together with his live-in spouse Ashmita, with whom he afterwards got married (second marriage), conducted prohibited surrogacy racket in West Bengal’s Siliguri region.
“They began hiring bad girls of Bihar and UP for surrogacy and shipped to Siliguri, in which their uterus were planted with embryo. After the girls gave hay, the baby were taken by representatives into Nepal and marketed to overseas nationals. Interestingly, Nepal also has prohibited commercial surrogacy a year ago,” said additional superintendent of police (east) Pramod Kumar, whose staff is probing the issue.
“Yet because of Covid-19 pandemic, the group had to change their hired heterosexual mothers to Faridabad, in which five containing three women were born privately maternity hospital and clinic. Our group rescued the 3 women, however, what happened to two other babies (boys), we’ve got no idea. We guess that they had been offered to foreign national in Nepal,” said IPS officer Kumar, who’s 2015 batch.
On June 19, Fatehabad (Agra) police detained Neelam-mother of five kids, who were in illegal actions since demonetization. Initially of Fatehpur district, she was now living in Girdhawar enclave of Faridabad, the accused was responsible for planning bad girl to elect for surrogacy occupation and treat these through nine month pregnancy interval. Her cut was 50,000 each girl. She arrived to Dr Vishnu Kant and Ashmit’s contact via Anand Rahul Sarashwat, resident of Harsh Vihar of Jaitpur, south west Delhi. Sarashwat initially descends from Mathura and sooner use to function as driver for journeys and tour along with Dr Vishnu Kant.
Another apprehended detained were Ruby, a surrogate mother who gave birth to baby boy in May month, but had been captured carrying among the 3 infant girl to Nepal through Agra-Lucknow expressway in addition to other gang members around June 19. Other associates were Rahul, the representative hailing from Hari Nagar Delhi and also two SUV drivers Amit Kumar of Badarpur and Pradeep Kumar of Faridabad.
According to authorities, there’s another girl named as Meena, who was also responsible for organizing women for surrogacy project and Dr Neha of Delhi, who had been conducting her different illegal surrogacy racket. She had been previously aided by Neelam, but because of payment issue, both broke the alliance.
“During interrogation, the apprehended gang associates asserted that Ashmita was conducting maternity practice in Nepal, in which the babies were passed over to overseas couples. For each delivery, the mother was paid Rs 3.5 lakh, whereas Neelam and others had been awarded Rs 50000 to Rs 20000, while remaining of the sum from Rs 10 lakh was retained by Dr Vishnu Kant and Ashmita,” explained ASP Pramod Kumar.
Dr Vishnu Kant and Ashmita were residing at Parsvnath Aviation Ccity Noida industry 93, but lately he offered the apartment. Both the few are absconding after the gang members were detained. Police supposes that Dr Vishnu Kant has fled to Bengaluru.
“His former colleague Dr Vishal and a help Saurab claimedthat earlier commercial surrogacy was prohibited in India, Dr Vishnu Kant worked at Greater Kailash based child hospital for almost 13-15 years. Dr Vishal are summoned by authorities to discuss whatever details or document that they have,” officer.
At existing police groups of Agra are looking for the Dr Vishnu Kant and Ashmita at Siliguri, Delhi, Bengaluru and other areas. Both also have deleted their societal networking reports so as to prevent police detection.


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