AAP queries UP govt over amount of Covid-19 evaluations | Lucknow News


LUCKNOW: Aam Aadmi Party UP in-charge and MP Sanjay Singh has contested the nation over the amount of Covid-19 evaluations being completed, stating that if they had been raised in proportion to the nation’s inhabitants, the amount of favorable instances could burst.
He explained that UP has a population of 23 crore and is taking out only 19,000 evaluations daily whereas, Delhi with a population of 2.5 crore is taking out 23,000 tests per day.
Delhi and UP have been trading barbs over Covid management plans, for example, state of researchers, since the previous several weeks and currently AAP has hit from the UP government finished testing. “Only 19,000 evaluations every day for a population of 23 crore is low, in comparison to a city like Delhi with a population of 2.5 crore at which 23,000 individuals are being tested everyday. If testing is awakened, UP will be in a crisis scenario. In this huge state, the amount of evaluations is insignificant,” Singh explained.
He added that people were running from pillar to post to have tests performed and in most instance, he alleged, reports were coming later people died. Accusing the condition of a poor health system, he stated that a one-year-old kid who travelled to Kannauj for therapy expired with no treatment as physicians refused to touch him. “The state of health centers in the country is the Yogi authorities is introducing fake data to fool everybody. After the state is concerned about the disease, Yogi Adityanath is sitting at the top of a mountain, waiting for the situation to burst. If testing was raised in UP, the nation would record the maximum number of cases in the nation,” he explained.
Singh also hit out at the government within the law and order scenario in the country, stating that it had totally neglected in UP. He explained that a journalist has been murdered in Unnao, little women are getting raped and people were getting killed in broad day light. “There’s jungle raj in the country. Two girls who proceeded to file a complaint had to confront the worst form of vulgar behaviour from a guy in khaki. In Unnao’s Bighapur, two young women were murdered per week. Criminals are working with no anxiety,” he explained.


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