Physicians from India, UK and Bangladesh tie-up to get e-cultural occasions | Kolkata News


Physicians in India, UK and Bangladesh recently coordinated a series of events to improve positivity amid the pandemic.
Physicians Arpita Ray, Anirban Mandal, Dip Mukherjee from UK collaborated with Queen Aditya, Arnab Gupta from India and also Amitava Chanda of Bangladesh using all the UK-based registered charity, Essex Indians to arrange”Generation Next” final Sunday.
They have been observing the subject of future and world leaders in global digital platform via live streaming. “This is a marathon occasion of eight hours full of interactive chat series, performances and talk such as dancing, singing, playing instruments and reciting,” explained Roy who hosted the show.
Approximately 60 kids and young adults throughout the world such as India, Bangladesh, UK, Europe, Australia and USA voiced their perspectives on current problems and their potential solutions. The subjects included child labor, racial discrimination, social networking, Covid-19 and its effect, throw and race, homelessness, mental health, poverty, global warming and”black lifestyles matter” Distinguished panel members from various professions shared their ideas on struggles of Generation Next and affects of mature behavior.
Essex Indians encourage kids and young adults to participate cultural heritage and concentrated project associated with international origin. They’ve successfully staged different displays such as Post-Office, Thousand Crane, Evolution, Showers of part, Heal the World, 4 Acts etc.
Essex Indians possess a history of operating locally and internationally for cultural consciousness. They’ve raised funds for many causes through time. In the recent years they’ve collaborated with UKBC charity at Amphan fund raising appeal. Funds will visit five NGOs working at grassroot level.
They’ve arranged a series of webinars lately and will be broadcasting in forthcoming months that the effect of music life in an event known as”International Antakhsari” and Physicians Day on July 1.


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