Mamata Banerjee: West Bengal CM urges PM for paying all dues to the country | Kolkata News


Mamata Banerjee(File photo)

KOLKATA: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee while engaging in a video conference with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also CMs of Maharashtra and UP through an inaugural programme of establishing ICMR high tech testing lab centers at the 3 nations, advocated that the PM for releasing dues to the nation. She stated that the country was facing a challenging scenario as all Covid-19 patients had been treated free in Bengal. The Cobas machine helps to run 10,000 evaluations each day.
She stated that the ICMR was establishing its centre in NICED and desired such machines are also installed from the nation medical institutes. This can help to fight the illness. She stated that right now the condition had been analyzing 16000 patients and shortly by mid-August the capability will likely be augmented into 25,000 evaluations each day.
The CM urged the PM to clean all dues such as the recurrence of Rs 53,000 crore in the Centre.She also stated the nation needed to invest hugely for Amphan relief, however just Rs 1000 crore was awarded from the Centre following the PM visited Bengal in June.
She stated that the capital of state emergency relief fund had been employed for Covid19 therapy, but it could lead to a real problem when there’s an important flooding as she advised that Bengal has a range of rivers. She asked the PM to supply another fund for tackling the Covid19 pandemic, as with the finance of SDRF will give rise to a difficulty in handling the disasters as floods are common in Bengal each year.
PM Modi stated that the 3 cities — Mumbai, Kolkata, and Noida were chosen for raising the testing because the 3 towns function as fulfilling the fantasies of lakhs of both youths and for which raising testing at the three towns were of considerably demand. He explained that there was one testing lab in India in January and currently there are 1300 labs. He explained that the capabilities of India have increased manifold in the creation of PPEs and masks.


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