Flight prohibit to Kolkata from six cities, including Delhi and Mumbai, extended until July 31 | Kolkata News


KOLKATA: The Kolkata airport announced Friday evening that a temporary ban on coming flights out of six cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, along with Chennai – was extended until July 31.
Airport officials said the schooling from the civil aviation ministry arrived on Friday evening following the state authorities had appealed to the ministry to expand the ban because of the increasing amount of Covid instances from the nation.

The ban was enforced from July 6 and has been scheduled to last until July 19. Without a incoming flights, airlines were quick to suspend cyber movements from Kolkata to these towns on these dates. Most airlines had awarded refunds of cash for tickets booked between July 6 and July 19.
TOI had reported that many airlines had already begun selling tickets for travel between those cities in July 20 onwards, which currently stands . Even airport police had begun preparing for the complete resumption of flights out of next Monday until the schooling reached them Friday evening.
“The limitation on arriving flights into #KolkataAirport from 6 cities viz Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Nagpur & Ahmedabad has been expanded around July 31” — Kolkata airport tweeted . 46pm, confirming the expansion of this temporary ban.
Inside minutes worried fliers started re-writing exactly the exact same and began writing on the remark department expressing their consideration.
“Why are you acting so rudely with precisely the exact same state citizen. Are you aware how many issues we’re facing?” Composed Dinesh Sahroliya.
Still another consumer, Sourav Kumar Roy contested:”Does this imply that the Vande Bharat flight AI162 out of London to Kolkata on July 23 may likewise not be permitted? Carefully explain, please. We’ll again be in fantastic trouble. Please don’t cancel this particular flight.


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