Bidhannagar Covid fatality rate drops to 1.1percent | Kolkata News


KOLKATA: The Covid fatality rate (CFR) at Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation region has fallen to 1.1 percent, a sharp dip from 7.1% listed at end-May. This is actually the first time that the CFR has dropped in Bidhannagar since instances arose towards the end of March.
Just six deaths have been reported compared to 18 in July and 13 in June. The fatality rate reached its summit at the end of May reaching 7.1%, using a total of 141 Covid instances and 10 deaths). Back in June, 13 more Covid deaths happened and the fatality rate stood at 4.8percent from the month-end.


That is definitely great news. However, both taxpayers and government agencies will be wise to keep in mind any slackening of steps may result in a change.

The maximum amount deaths was listed in July, taking the overall Covid death toll to 41 on July 31. On July 31, the entire amount of Covid-affected men stood ,941 however, the fatality rate dropped to 2.8 percent.

Cases jumped and peaked in August, together with two,128 brand new patients. But, just six deaths have been reported by the Bidhannagar region in August, taking the total deaths to 47. The fatality rate has shrunk into 1.1% until Thursday.
Civic officials explained that although Bidhannagar Ward 6 councillor Subhash Bose had expired of Covid about August 5, his departure wasn’t enrolled in Bidhannagar however in Kolkata because he died at a Kolkata-based nursing home.
Active instances from the Bidhannagar civic body region also have return to a all-time low at 22.7percent with 968 instances according to Thursday along with a recovery rate of 76.1percent with 3,240 persons regaining till Thursday. The entire amount of Covid patients from Bidhannagar until Thursday, September 3 currently stands ,255.
“It’s still early to state whether Bidhannagar is beyond the peak of instances, but now the general figures indicate that we’ve reached a plateau,” an official said.


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