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Retired Allahabad high court judge Shashikant Agarwal with cops

Kanpur: Retired Allahabad high court judge Shashikant Agarwal of this one-member judicial commission, set up to probe gangster Vikas Dubey’s experience and conditions that contributed to it, seen Kanshiram Newada village along with Shivli police station in Kanpur Dehat district on Sunday.
Kanshiram Newada village has been the experience website where the don’s aides Prem Prakash Pandey and Atul Dubey were gunned down shortly after Bikru ambush, while the gangster had murdered a state minister from the Shivli police station in 2001.
Moreover, majority of criminal cases are filed against Dubey from Shivli police channel just.
“Judge Agarwal first seen Kanshiram Newada village in which Prem Prakash Pandey and Atul, aides of gangster Vikas Dubey, were gunned down hours after they’d killed eight police employees in Bikru village,” educated police sources told TOI.
The judge analyzed all very important elements that resulted in the encounter between police and two aides of their gangster, they included.
“Afterwards, the retired judge seen Shivli police station at which BJP minister was murdered by Dubey in 2001 but had been acquitted as most of eyewitness, such as 25 policemen, remained hostile. He, especially went through the event record of director of Tarachand Inter College, Siddheshwar Pandey, who was supposedly murdered by Dubey at 2000 within a property dispute. Judge Agarwal also sought details of this history-sheet of gangster Vikas Dubey from Shivli police station documents,” said police resources.
Before, on July 13, the one-member commission had scrutinized the scene of crime in which eight policemen, such as Deputy SP Devendra Mishra were supposedly trapped and shot dead by gangster Vikas Dubey and his aides on July 3.
The state authorities had ordered a judicial probe to the Bikru village ambush. The panel using its headquarters at Kanpur must submit its report within two weeks.
The research will even cover the experiences of Bikru carnage detained between July 3 and July 10. Six offenders, such as Dubey, were killed and two hurt in these experiences.
The judicial commission may also explore police-criminal nexus to prevent recurrence of such events in future. It’s been asked to suggest steps to stop such nexus.


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