Paddy grower crushed to death over financial dispute in Auraiya | Kanpur News


Kanpur:A paddy harvest grower was allegedly beaten to death with a rice mill owner and his aides beneath the constraints of Sadar Kotwali police station in Auraiya district on a financial dispute, on Wednesday night.
The sufferer, Kailash Narain Dikshit (65), from Dibiyapur region of Auraiya utilized to provide rice large scale into a nearby mill owner.
On Wednesday day he vanished under mysterious circumstances after he’d abandoned his Dibiyapur home for rice mill belonging to a Kunwar Bahadur.
His son Vinay Dikshit, after failing to find himalerted Sadar Kotwali police station. On Wednesday night, police received a call saying that a guy was lying dead in Saundhemau Jaura street in Jakha village. A group rushed to the place and discovered Dikshit’s body lying in a pool of blood.
“Preliminary findings suggested that Dikshit succumbed to acute head injuries. His loved ones reached the place and recognized him,” said a senior police officer. “We’ve detained Kunwar Bahadur and his aide Hakim. They’ve confessed to murdering Dikshit and others over some financial issue,” stated SP Auraiya, Suniti.
“They’d provided paddy crop grower tea laced with sedatives. It had been when he was knocked from his senses, both attacked him following he succumbed to wounds. They afterwards thrown Dikshit’s body in Saundhemau Jaura street in Jakha village and came back to the mill. Further investigations are underway in this respect,” the SP added.
A senior police officer further stated that Vinay Dikshit, son of the deceased informed that his dad was carrying with him 10 lakh in cash, when he’d abandoned home for its mill. He explained his father, a paddy crop grower, used to provide rice harvest to Kunwar Bahadur because the last one decade.
“He told that his dad was having a dispute with the mill owner Kunwar Bahadur over Rs 50 lakh where he’d provided rice harvest to him,” stated an official privy to the investigations, who added,”We’re now looking for two additional aides of Kunwar identified as Sudhir Shukla and Rajiv Rathore, that are on run”


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