Madrasa Board results announced; toppers for Rs 1 lakh, pill every | Kanpur News



Lucknow: The yearly evaluation outcomes of madrassas affiliated into the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madrasa Instruction were announced on Wednesday. The tests were held in February-March.
The Board declared that top 10 pupils of secondary (munshi/maulvi), senior secondary (Aalim), Kamil and Fazil will each get Rs 1 lakh, a pill computer, medal and certificate.
Additionally, state minister for minority Muslim and welfare waqf, Nand Gopal Gupta’Nandi’, declared that top few pupils of secondary and senior secondary in pc, science and mathematics issues may each get Rs 51,000, pill computer, medal and certificate.
Cash for these benefits will come in the Arabi-Farsi Madrassa Development Fund.
Budaun inhabitants Mohammad Adil Khan and Saleem Akhtar secured the first position in Kamil and Fazil, respectively. Kanpur Nagar pupil MU Kaif Khan topped from the secondary department.
“Our government needs madrassa students to get the Quran in 1 hand and a pc in another. The Covid-19 pandemic had postponed the declaration of these outcome,” stated the minister.
The results had been declared in the social welfare section here on Wednesday afternoon and have been uploaded to the Board’s site.
Over 1.8 lakh students had registered for the assessments held between February 25 and March 3, of whom 1.4 lakh took the examinations at 552 centers throughout the state.
“A complete 1,15,650 pupils have cleared the examinations, half of whom are women,” said , UP Madrasa Board of Education, RP Singh. The pass percentage was 81. 99 percent, meaning that over 80percent of pupils who took the examinations passed. The pass percentage for woman students was 84percent while that of boys had been 79%.


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