KCA biennial elections should be held now | Kanpur News


Kanpur: The biennial elections of Kanpur Cricket Association will be held in Cooperative Estate Dada Nagar in 11. 30am on Sunday, September 13, 2020. The election will occur during Annual General assembly of institution.
KCA general secretary S N Singh said agents of affiliated member teams and lifestyle members will attend the AGM. The meeting will start with the presentation of the annual report annually 2019-20 and earnings and expenditure report. Subsequently, elections will be held. The members could select a 14-member committee composed of a chairman, three vice-presidents, 1 secretary, two joint secretaries, 1 treasurer, and five executive members. Following election, the new committee will select 1 championship secretary and a Kanpur Premier League and also three co-opted members. Each of the Covid protocols could be followed through the assembly and attempts will be made to complete incisions in the beginning. Speaking to TOI, general director Dinesh Katiyar explained that KCA couldn’t finish its esteemed KDMA league along with a few significant tournaments, such as Sunday league, because of corona pandemic. About 45 games are pending at KDMA league,” he also added.


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