Jhansi’s Ashitabh drops in Hackathon 2020, develops AI-based program to discover Alzheimer’s | Kanpur News


Jhansi: A group of five students headed by a boy from Jhansi won among the contests at the Smart India Hackathon on Tuesday. The group was awarded with a cash prize of Rs one lakh.
Ashitabh Mishra of Jhansi is a last year student of computer science at IIT Bhilai. He and his group developed a mobile program which may help an Alzheimer’s patient discover the seriousness of this illness through artificial intelligence. The reports made by the application could be analysed by physicians. Alzheimer’s disease is a sort of dementia that affects the memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms generally develop slowly and get worse over time, developing severe enough to interfere with daily activities. The disease is largely found in older citizens.
Smart India Hackathon-2020 is a nationally online contest initiated by the ministry of human resource development. It’s held by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). The intent is to give undergraduate students with a stage to solve pressing issues in the nation and inculcate a culture of product creation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had inaugurated and addressed the grand finale of this Smart India Hackathon-2020 on Saturday.
The group developed the program in only 3 days. Each group member was in contact with all the other members through internet style and worked round the clock to secure their own status in the national competition. Over 1 million teams had engaged in the last round.
Speaking to TOI, Ashitabh clarified the mobile program tests a individual’s memory, hand-eye coordination, abstract thinking and spatial navigation abilities.
“We have produced a 3D path-tracing game that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyse a player’s game playing approach and identify anomalies. This the study, the program can asses early beginning of memory degeneration. Supported by the most recent research in academia, we plan to make the largest study platform for Alzheimer’s in India,” explained Ashitabh.
“Our alternative has been supported with a live testing manner powered by cloud computing that permits certified researchers to run real time evaluations. Their platform enables a researcher to register and avail those services readily. If a person is recognized to be an at-risk individual, the web site joins them to the nearest certified neuro doctors and physicians. We’ve made our support completely clear by enabling users to log into and see all of the data accumulated,” he said.
The D-Team from IIT Bhilai, as They’re known, comprise Ashitabh Misra (team leader), Rohit Kar, Hemant Meena, Pawan Kumar, Shubham Agrawal and Smarana Pankanti.


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