With poor streets, rain is no pleasure for citizens of Moti Doongri | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Residents Moti Doongri zone, located in the center of the town, are whining about the terrible state of roads in the region. Waterlogged and slippery streets are causing annoyance for the residents throughout the city and they’re now demanding progress in infrastructure.
Pankaj Taneja, a resident of Gurunanakpura stated,”This will be the town’s center and a few of those expensive locations, but the position of these streets is so poor. After only 1 hour of rain, each of the streets’ corners become full of water, which makes it hard to ride”
Residents have complained that water becomes collected on the entry of their colonies along with two-wheeler drivers find it hard to create their way through the wreck. “two weeks back, outdoors my colony, water over the streets made it hard for me to cross this stretch. I lost my balance once and my trousers got dirty,” said Abhay Saini, a resident of Tilak Nagar.
Shopkeepers at Raja Park marketplace stated that on August 14, the rainwater entered their stores. “There aren’t any appropriate arrangements for drainage from town. In Raja Park region, residents have assembled houses more than drains, therefore water will come on the streets. Instead of merely blaming the authorities, the citizens ought to self introspect,” stated Meenakshi Verma, a resident in the region.


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