Weak monsoon blessing for strawberry lovers | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Terrible monsoon in north India such as Uttar Pradesh has become a boon in disguise for strawberry fans .
Normally, mangoes go from year in Rajasthan by mid-July. However this season, considerable types from UP and Gujarat for example Dusseri, Langra and Chausa are offered in Jaipur markets. Since monsoon was weak so far, it’s stored blossom plants )
Wholesale dealers at Mohana Mandi are becoming truckloads of mangoes regular that has resulted in costs being well within range of all segments.
“There’s been a great produce. After nearly five years we’re seeing an expansion from the mango season. Normally, the year is finished by July 15, when distribution of mangoes out of Uttar Pradesh drops. However, this year, I am confident that for another fortnight we’ll have the supply happening,” said Madan Saini, a wholesale trader of mangoes in Mohana Mandi.
Dealers said that Dusseri number of mangoes in Malihabad, Rampur and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and some parts of Gujarat are still coming from.
“Rains spoil the mangoes and their flavor. Since there’s been lesser rain in Uttar Pradesh and some areas of Gujarat, excellent quality mangoes are still arriving. As stated by our traders in such nations, until August 10, mangoes will continue to get there at Rajasthan,” said Mukesh Santani, yet another wholesale mango trader at Sodala Market.
Additionally, the cost of mangoes this season so much continues to be more economical. “At Luxurious, we’re receiving the Dusseri number at Rs 30 to Rs 40 per watt, which can be sold at Rs 50 to Rs 60 per watt. Additionally, a good-sized Langra is offered at Rs 25 to Rs 35 percent in wholesale, which can be sold at Rs 45 per cent 55 per kg in the retail marketplace,” said Kishan Lal, a wholesale trader of mangoes in Jhotwara.
Dealers are currently awaiting the big-sized variety — Fazali. “One bit of the variety weighs about 450 g to 500 g and also for 1kg, the consumer gets 2 bits. It’s quite sweet and filled with pulp. It will begin coming in another 3 times into our markets,” said a dealer.


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