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JODHPUR: Three members of a family were found dead in their home in Shankar Nagar region of Jodhpur on Friday morning. Even though the father-son duo was discovered to have committed suicide by hanging , the mother has been seemingly strangulated.
The episode surfaced when friends called the guy’s son in the afternoon. On not getting any reply, they reached his residence. Seeing the boy lying on the mattress using a rope round his throat they broke open the door and discovered that the 3 relatives dead.
Authorities have discovered a suicide note suggesting the household was under fiscal stress and debt.
The dead have been identified as Rajendra Suthar (52), his spouse Indra (47) and kid Nitin (23). Nitin’s body has been discovered lying on the mattress in an area, although the parents had been discovered in another area, in which the mother had been lying on the mattress while the dad had been hanging out of the ceiling.
Based on ACP Neeraj Sharma, the neighbors had seen all of the family members carrying a stroll night before retiring to the home. The ACP added the place monitoring suggested the son hanged himself, viewing whom the daddy cut the rope and then put him down.
“On finding him dead, he may have strangulated his spouse under melancholy then hanged himself against the roof at another area,” Sharma explained. The mother’s body was found covered with a bedsheet on the mattress.
In accordance with the authorities, the father and son had been working as builders at a handicraft unit at Boranada industrial region and was living in a rented home.
Sharma stated the specific time of deaths may be known following the receipt of the postmortem reports, which might assist in discovering the arrangement of these deaths.
Sharma stated that some titles are cited in an approximately scribbled suicide notice as moneylenders, that was discovered beneath the bed of their parents’ room.


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