Three children, daddy die in roof collapse in Rajasthan’s Alwar | Jaipur News


The rubble following the home dropped in Alwar on Sunday

ALWAR/JAIPUR: A guy and his three children were buried alive once the roof of the home collapsed on Sunday night in Alwar’s NEB police station region . 1 additional family member was hurt, while the four suffocated to death. Resources asserted that it wasn’t on account of the rains but due to the weak structure of the home. The wounded is undergoing therapy in the hospital. The dead were identified as Mamura Khan (30), Shabnam (5), Sania (8 ) ) and year-old boy that was to be named. Khan’s spouse Haruni has been hurt in the collapse.
“Based on Haruni, she had been feeding her baby son about midnight Sunday when suddenly there was a loud sound after that the roofing of the home collapsed. Before anyone could respond, they had been buried under the rubble,” said an official of NEB police channel. Following the loud sound and wreck, the neighbors rushed to the place. The authorities was also educated and it touched the place.
The police officer stated,”Together with the natives’ help we began removing the debris after a few hours were able to pull the occupants. Regrettably, four members of their household couldn’t survive and just Haruni was pulled out alive”
According to sources, the roof was repaired only around a year ago.


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