This Rajasthan MP tests convinced in Delhi and damaging at Jaipur | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal voiced his doubts over his 2 Covid-19 evaluation reports that he shared yelling on Monday requesting which report is right as the one at Delhi revealed he was tested positive for Covid-19 while another in SMS Medical College at Jaipur revealed he was tested negative for the virus.”
It’s isn’t the first time that Beniwal has tested positive for Covid-19. Before, in July a week, he’d tested positive. He stayed confessed at RUHS hospital at Jaipur for over 10 days. After recovering from Covid-19, he had been discharged from the hospital.

Today, if the report of this evaluation done on the assumptions of Lok Sabha at Delhi, for he had given the sample on September 11, revealed that he’s tested positive, he voiced his doubts.
He also received a call from Lok Sabha secretariat on September 13 if he had been in Jaipur he was tested positive. Since he’d been diagnosed with Covid-19 before in Julyhe voiced his uncertainty. He gave his sample confirmation after being tested positive in Delhihe obtained the report on Monday issued by SMS Medical College demonstrating that he’s tested negative.
“I’ve obtained my Covid-19 evaluation done on the assumptions of Lok Sabha, the end result of that, revealed positive, then, I have tested at SMS Medical College that came negative. Sharing both reports, which is right,” he said.
Both test reports that he shared revealed that the evaluation was performed by RT-PCR, which is thought to be gold standard.


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