Strict vigil on officials to suppress corruption, states SOG leader | Jaipur News


Ashok Kumar Rathore

JAIPUR: Ashok Kumar Rathore, who recently took over as the ADG of Special Operations Group (SOG) and Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), seems to get his job cut out for him with all the section under fire for alleged corruption charges involving former officials.
Rathore has summarized specific regions which will be the principal focus of the division, such as organised gangs working in the country and strict vigilance on SOG’s and ATS’s officials to make sure no corruption takes origin. Additionally, SOG will even work on a plan to capture the elusive Papla Gujjar who escaped Bhiwadi lock-up at a bold Bollywood-like escape last September.
“We’ve got a 2011 Charter which clearly defines the areas where the distinctive units need to work and the objective is to follow these instructions. Including smuggling of guns and organised gangs working in the country amongst other people. Also in cases of weapon smuggling where guns are attracted from countries like Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkand, we will not only detain the peddlers, but reach the base of the nexus that’s busy,” Rathore said.
Rathore was formerly posted as ADG Condition Human Rights Commission and shot on the brand new article on Saturday.
With SOG being recently embroiled in controversy because of corruption charges from senior officials that were moved out from the reshuffle on Friday, the new ADG maintained they will be vigilant and stated,”There are no 2 ways about that if any official from my section is found to be indulging in this action then we’ll take necessary actions. In addition, in light of the current circumstance, we’ll be cautious and maintain a watch on everybody.”
SOG had since last September also been attempting to grab hold of fugitive Papla and his arrest are also among the prime targets of the section. “We shall strategise on grabbing the gangster and whenever the new SP Bhiwadi takes over, we’ll begin work in this way,” said Rathore, that had been formerly also in SOG as IG for a span of four weeks.


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