Section of Udaipur’s ancient wall, Surajpole, collapses | Jaipur News


Document photo of Surajpole gate.

UDAIPUR: A percentage of this 300-year old legacy gate — Surajpole, a part the town wall — dropped at the wee hours Sunday.
After the episode, legacy fans and activists were up in arms and blamed that the Udaipur Municipal Corporation and Smart City Ltd (USCL) firm for the crash.
The debris of this iconic gate was seen spread round in one of the busiest junctions of town. The Udaipur Nagarkot, the town wall or bastion, is a portion of the background Mewar and has been finished 1733 by Maharana Sangram Singh-II. It’s 12 gates, four of which are on the principal streets with double-gated entrances, i.e Sinvha Dwaar. The gates were constructed for safety after Aurangzeb’s assault in February 1680 when the Mughal ruler ruined over 172 large and tiny temples in Udaipur.
Pros: Authorities neglected centuries-old masonry job
Udaipur:Though the town’s activists held unmindful developmental tasks, undertaken under the Smart City project, responsible for its collapse, experts stated that police had failed the centuries-old masonry job which demanded careful upkeep and tackling.
Presently, a deputy SP’s office along with a police chowki function within the gate. A sewage pipeline drilling work in addition to gate recovery are concurrently in progress in the region.
“This fall before heavy rains could largely be attributed to vibrations (tremors) trigger by heavy machines utilized for sewage pipeline function. However, the collapse of this gate will show the building substance that was utilized for building at the 18past century,” stated Ms S Ranawat, a master in geo-heritage and also a retired professor of geology.
“They constructed manholes on the 3 sides of their Surajpole gate and were carrying out underground drilling to link the traces, which ruined the basis of the legacy structure. The soil and rock around Surajpole is very soft that shouldn’t be drilled by heavy machinery. However, the building team might not have bothered to do a proper diagnosis before performing the drilling work near the sensitive legacy building,” explained R S Sameeja, an activist.
Meanwhile, the Qummer Ul Zaman Chaudhary, CEO of USCL, brushed aside the costs of neglect and stated that the old building was in a dilapidated state and was the primary reason for collapse. “We’ve restored three of those complete 12 gates and you will find vertical cracks on all them. We’ve tendered the restoration functions of the legacy structures remembering that the moment technicalities and roped in experienced hands. The drilling work, also, has been done with extreme caution and no personal buildings are caused any injury. But, we’ll be careful next time and when desired, a committee will be formed to inject to this meltdown,” the officer told TOI.


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