Sachin plotting autumn of govt since its beginning: Ashok Gehlot | Jaipur News


Ashok Gehlot, Rajasthan chief minister

JAIPUR: Chief minister Ashok Gehlot maintained his former deputy Sachin Pilot had began wrecking the fall of his administration from its inception.
He confessed that they”weren’t on speaking terms for its previous one-and-a-half years”. “A ministry never speaks with his chief minister, nor seeks his own guidance and no conversation… In cyberspace, even arch rivals talk. The best thing about democracy is dialog… an important ingredient of democracy. The news of this previous one-and-a-half years is enough to get a publication,” he said while talking to a news station on the most recent showdown with Pilot.
He maintained Sachin was playing the victim card and’d made the SOG note to him an problem. Notices were issued to 10-12 MLAs, ” he said.
“Our celebration complained to the SOG which BJP was hatching a conspiracy to topple the authorities. We hadn’t taken his title, but he had been giving clarification. Why? It is now evident. Who’s playing host to the MLAs. Who will be the attorneys appearing for them”
Gehlot alleged that the shifting of MLAs into Gurugram and Manesar was proposed prior to the Rajya Sabha elections. “Throughout the Rajya Sabha elections, I needed to choose the MLAs into a resort and keep them for 10 days. I felt terrible about it. Subsequently it was alleged that I’d done it to demonstrate that the deputy CM in bad light” He said he obtained a tip-off then the MLAs would depart the town. “The collectors were alerted and that I requested all MLAs to achieve Jaipur by next evening evening. I’m happy that nearly all MLAs attained Jaipur by day.”
“After all MLAs attained Jaipur, he began giving statements which they had been changed to the resort for no reason. But I’d evidence even then in addition to now,” he explained.
When asked about why Pilot wasn’t made CM in Rajasthan such as PCC president Amarinder Singh at Punjab, Bhupesh Bhagel at Chattisgarh and Kamal Nath at MP, Gehlot said”the decision has been left to the high command”.
“The vast majority of the MLAs was in my favor as well as the situation in different nations and Rajasthan was distinct. In Rajasthan, the people desired me chief minister. After a decision has been taken from the large command after due procedure, it wasn’t contested.” On the current emergency, he explained,”After over vision takes over, your thought process takes a back seat”
Gehlot stated there were not any new and old guard in politics. “Should all leaders that are about 60 retire? Formerly, 60 was considered old era, but today life expectancy has improved. What will we do should maybe be in politics?”
He stated unlike the older creation, the leaders haven’t gone through the grind. “Indira Gandhi’s defeat was a large challenge for the celebration at the time. But we fought under NSUI, Youth Congress.”
He explained his creation was dressed to defy difficult times. “We have seen several challenging times. But I am not against childhood. I’ve always fought for the youth in the AICC,” he promised. “The celebration is passing through a challenging time and the childhood must work to strengthen the party and confront challenges posed by BJP.”
When asked about his response if Sachin comes back, Gehlot said,”Sachin was only 3 years to politics when he became an MP. When he comes back, then I’ll offer him a kiss. I’ve 40 years’ relations with his loved ones. Politics and individual relationships are just two distinct things.”
When asked just how many MLAs he had, he stated,”I have the aid of 200 MLAs. I’ve worked for all segments and taken everyone ”
Replying to a query if youthful leaders leaving the party puts a question mark on Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, he blamed it on”the thought process of those leaders”. He explained it had been the RSS-BJP approach to target the pioneer, reveal him in a bad light and contribute to the collapse of the celebration. “It was attempted in the case of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi too,” he explained.


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