Sachin Pilot provided me cash to join BJP: Congress MLA Giriraj Singh Malinga | Jaipur News


Congress legislator Giriraj Singh Malinga

JAIPUR: At a first guide allegation of horse-trading against Sachin Pilot, Congress legislator Giriraj Singh Malinga maintained the former deputy chief minister offered him cash to change loyalties.
The three-time legislator, who represents Bari constituency at Dholpur district, stated Pilot made the deal to him over once, starting December this past year. The MLA said he’d advised main minister Ashok Gehlot shortly then.
“I’d gone into his (Pilot’s) home once the delimitation of panchayats was moving on (past quarter of 2019). It turned out to be a one-on-one meeting . Sachin ji (Pilot) did provide me cash, but I declined and said I won’t combine BJP even after resigning,” Malinga explained.
As deputy chief minister, Pilot had held PWD and panchayat raj portfolios. Congress sacked Pilot in the posts of deputy CM and PCC leader on July 14 on charges of conspiring with the BJP to topple the country authorities. According to Congress complaints, the Rajasthan specific operations team served him finds sedition charges, although the speaker functioned him defection detect, that had been discovered from the Rajasthan high court on Monday.
Malinga stated he obtained the deal again, before this Rajya Sabha elections in June.
On being asked how much cash offered him, Malinga explained,”I had been told I could inquire as far as I desired. There was no limitation. ‘Aap toh muh kholo, kitna chahiye (you simply tellhow much you need ).”
Explaining why he refused the deal, the legislator said,”I’ve come to Congress out of BSP; today if I depart Congress, where would I go and what could I tell my Republicans?”
Malinga was one of the six BSP MLAs who united with the Congress at 2009 when Gehlot became chief minister for the next time (2008-2013). In September last year also, all six BSP MLAs united with the Congress, carrying the Congress tally at the meeting to 107.
“I advised that the CM about the deal but he explained everything will be fine soon. He said some folks (MLAs) were becoming restless but they will fall in line,” he explained.
Later in the afternoon, chief minister Gehlot told reporters that there were lots of MLAs such as Malinga that were provided money to change sides. Asked why he postponed actions on Malinga’s criticism, the CM said,”The delay stored the authorities.”


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