Sachin Pilot bats for Rahul as party leader again | Jaipur News


Rajasthan deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot

JAIPUR: Deputy chief minister and also Pradesh Congress Committee mind Sachin Pilot on Thursday stated Rahul Gandhi should take over as party president.
“It’s our requirement that Rahul Gandhi must direct the party once more,” Pilot told reporters in the party office . He explained the CWC had passed a unanimous resolution, placing faith in his direction and asked Rahul Gandhi to reevaluate his determination to stop. He explained Rahul Gandhi should assume the leadership role and Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are taking this issue seriously.
Chief Union Ashok Gehlot had reportedly urged bringing Rahul Gandhi to this post of party president in a recently held CWC assembly.
His need arrived as Gandhi has sharpened his assault on the Modi government for its handling of this boundary with China and above raising fuel rates. “The costs of petrol and diesel have been increasing continuously and placing pressure on the folks. We need the Centre to roll back the price increase,” Pilot said. He said the celebration will hold demonstrations in all district headquarters June 29 against the purchase price hike.
He explained the Congress employees also delivered memorandum to the president requesting Central authorities to roll back the gas cost increase.
Pilot stated even as individuals are reeling under economic hardship because of lockdown and economic downturn, the Central government has been always raising gas costs for its past 17 days and this has had a cascading effect on the prices of essential commodities.
He stated the government is doing so while the crude costs in the global marketplace have been decreasing consecutively. Pilot said the market was in the doldrums before the lockdown. Now, following the lockdown, the Central government was hiking prices of oil products frequently, breaking the back of the usual men and women.


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