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Six-lane Dantli RoB has been constructed to decongest traffic around Goner

JAIPUR: The Rs 65 crore six-lane Dantli railway overbridge (RoB) that was built to facilitate vehicular traffic close Goner is not yet been inaugurated. The RoB was assembled because the stretch was the busiest railroad track of Jaipur railroad zone. This two-way railroad route connects Delhi to Jaipur with a wide gauge.
The majority of the time, this railroad crossing gate is shut because of motion of trains, developing a roadblock for visitors moving from Agra Road into Tonk Road.
Naresh Bagra, a neighborhood resident, stated,”This RoB has been suggested to give uninterrupted traffic motion. Even after paying people money, the state authorities isn’t letting it use the center,” he explained.
To the identical job, the JDA also required charge of Rs 21. 97 crore in the National Capital Regional Planning Board (NCRPB).
Resources stated,”The JDA has also obtained Rs 25. 85 crore in the Railways. The job is virtually complete and may be thrown open for people. JDA is currently paying instalments for its job,” sources said.
The job was launched on July, 27, 2016. The anticipated date of completion has been 22 July 2018. The undertaking, which is delayed for 2 years is currently awaiting country government’s nod to be thrown .
Kapil Sharma, national general secretary, People’s Green Party, stated,”The state government’s ministers and MLAs are still sitting at resort, whilst people is confronting inconvenience for a variety of things. The authorities should shortly devote the job, otherwise we’ll begin broadcasting movement on our own, such as we did in Ajmer street,” he explained.
A senior officer in the JDA stated,”The arrangement of RoB is all but completed. However, because the construction is just six lane and road across the railway overbridge is just two lane, we’re planning to get more land to expand the region,” the official further said.


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