Ramdev must apologise for harsh joke about Covid treatment: Rajasthan health minister Raghu Sharma | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Health minister Raghu Sharma on Wednesday stated that Ramdev has accepted that Coronil isn’t a Covid-19 cure and it’s merely an immunity booster.
“He must apologise to the people of the nation with this unpleasant joke,” said Sharma.
“If anybody sees the 2 movies, one issued June 23 where he promised it to be Covid cure, although what he states in the current movie it is immunity booster,” Sharma added.
“Nowyou have admitted that it’s immunity booster, so you ought to have approved it on the day of launching, we’d have had no conscience, Patanjali is selling thousands of goods, we haven’t objected. However, during Covid times discovering business opportunity won’t be tolerated. We said if any firm is launching medication as immunity booster, we don’t have any objection, but when a person advertises it cure, we’ll object,” he explained.
Sharma stated it had been an effort to deceive people. “This is a brutal joke about individuals that are scared during these times,” he explained.
About June 23, Patanjali had promised they had conducted clinical trials in Jaipur’s NIMS hospital along with the Covid-19 patients recovered in seven days of supplying the medication. The nation’s health department had flocked into the claim and issued notice to NIMS for conducting clinical trials on Covid-19 patients with no state government’s consent.
Sharma contested Ramdev asserting the ayurvedic kadha that they (state government) had spread to 20 lakh people in the country and supplied to other nations, also, has improved content than his medication. “I challenge our kadha has improved content to improve immunity compared to the medication produced by these (Patanjali),” said Sharma.
“In instances of pandemic, if he would like to give relief to the people of India, he should offer the medication for free, why is he charging cash. If he’s got something in his heart to serve the public, he must disperse this immunity booster absolutely free of charge,” Sharma explained.


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