Rajasthan will purchase 12,000 pulse oximeters to conquer silent hypoxia from Covid sufferers | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Battling against hushed hypoxia from Covid sufferers, the health department has opted to use pulse oximeters widely which could warn beforehand about the looming catastrophe.
Attempting to stop Covid deaths, the state government is taking steps to identify patients whose condition is deteriorating from the first phase by employing pulse oximeters.
Pulse oximeters are medical devices that track the degree of oxygen into a patient’s blood vessels and alert the medical employee if oxygen levels fall below safe levels permitting rapid intervention.
“Currently, we’re buying 12,000 pulse oximeters,” said health minister Raghu Sharma.
The system measures the SpO2 level, which can be called the oxygen amount in blood.
“In Covid sufferers, there’s high risk of hushed hypoxia, meaning deprivation of oxygen within the body. It’s fairly dangerous as the degree of oxygen drops so quietly that a patient doesn’t understand he is progressing towards hushed hypoxia. If it goes past harmful amounts like under 90 percent, it turned into a health emergency. In these circumstances, the part of pulse oximeters may prove life threatening,” explained Dr Balwant Manda, chief medical health officer (Jodhpur).
Despite being the worst-affected Covid district of this country reporting maximum number of cases, the mortality rate in Jodhpur is only 1.2 percent, which is below than the normal country’s mortality rate, which is now 1.6%.
“We’ve approximately 1,200 pulse oximeters, nearly half of these we’ve bought while rest are donated. Our teams assess that the oxygen saturation of individuals that are at high risk for example people who suffer from chronic diseases of liver, kidney, heart and older men and women. The apparatus has proved valuable in saving individuals from progressing towards hushed hypoxia,” explained Dr Manda.
In a few other areas of the country, where physicians have retained hospitalized patients under house isolation, such patients are requested to keep pulse oximeter together in the home. “For all those asymptomatic patientswho preferred for home isolation, so we request them to purchase pulse oximeter and a thermometer first, so they can track his temperature and oxygen equilibrium frequently. Without pulse oximeter, we don’t let home isolation. If the oxygen saturation drops, then the individual under house isolation instantly call health officials,” said a health department official in Jaipur.
But in certain regions where a patient cannot afford the price of purchasing a pulse oximeter, the health department officials supply them out of their side, and that the individual needs to come back so it will be given to additional patients following sanitizing it correctly.
SMS Hospital physicians also have pointed out the requirement of monitoring oxygen saturation in Covid patients as elevated concentration of cytokine inflammatory markers like interleukin-6 (IL-6) and IL-10 cause severe respiratory distress syndrome where the degree of oxygen in cells and cells extends down dangerously and triggers hypoxia.


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