Rajasthan University however to act on warden confronting corruption charges | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: A committee formed by Rajasthan University to explore the allegations of mismanagement and corruption from the warden of Gokhale hostel of Maharaja College has failed to think of any results after three weeks of its creation.
The panel has been formed after the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) delivered a letter to RU vice chancellor R K Kothari and state government officials to do it against the warden.
Pupils of Gokhale hostel after exhausting all of the options in Rajasthan had lodged a complaint from warden H S Palsania together with the NHRC their hostel lacked basic facilities. The complaint said the hostel had spilled bathrooms, no clean drinking water, improper facilities in jumble and misappropriation of hostel funds.
The NHRC finished its investigation found most of these claims made by pupils to be right. Instructions were issued to Rajasthan University and education officials of state authorities in January to take proper actions and file a report within six months i.e. March 17, 2020.
Kothari immediately removed H.S.Palsania in the place and establish a committee. Interestingly, Palsania is still the primary proctor of the college. A teacher stated,”The main proctor is responsible for many student-related troubles. When NHRC has discovered that there are incidences of mismanagement from the hostel and Palsania has been taken out of the post of warden, the way the individual remains eligible to be main proctor of the college? A committee made by college syndicate ought to be shaped for appropriate outcomes.”


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