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JAIPUR: A 15-year old boy shot dead a 12-year old boy Bharatpur on Monday. The accused juvenile obtained a country-made weapon out of his home and shot another boy on his mind. The main reason behind the exact same is yet to be determined.
The incident occurred near that the Mathura Gate police station in Bharatpur.
“The boys were known to each other and based on preliminary evaluation it seems that they had been playing together when the accused obtained the country-made weapon out of his home and shot his buddy. The bullet struck 12-year old on the mind and he expired on the place. We moved into the crime scene once we received the advice but the boy had been declared dead by the doctors”, stated an official of this Mathura Gate police station.
But the cops are uncertain as to if it was deliberate or accidental as well as also the official added,”Both the accused and the victim are minors so at the stage it’s hard to ascertain whether the shooting was accidental or deliberate. They stayed near each other’s homes and until today we’ve not discovered any evidence to indicate there was any sort of animosity between families.”
A case was filed against four individuals and the officials maintained they have arrested a few of those. A case of murder has been filed against the relatives of those accused small.
Before this season, a 11-year old boy had’accidentally’ shot in Sikar while enjoying but afterwards it was discovered that another kid had pulled the trigger.
“We will question both the households and will attempt to recover CCTV footage from cameras too to have a clearer idea about the episode. At the moment the sufferer’s household is in no condition to be contested and we’ll pursue other prospects,” said the officer.


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